contacts    The central place of cliff sacred   “Badjaliata” and the northerly sacred place to village Voinovo are build objects with tourist infrastructure.

            The access is assured from asphalt and well kept roads, which reach to the foot of the rock temples. The approach of the monuments and the monuments are designation with boards and signs on Bulgarian and English languages, complete with maps and schemes. For a good time of the dabbers in the cultural tourism are build parking lots, arbours, ecopaths and made safe ladders to the “ unscalable ” sanctuaries, also there are prepared albums on Bulgarian and English languages.


           This site is prepared by the accommodating assistance of the proffesor doctor of science Georgi Atanasov by programme EU/phare Cross- border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria - Romania 2005 Grant contact "Religious Monuments of Dobrudzha: Identification and Legitimatizing" and ET "Vuzhod - Georgi Markov" Silistra
           The sait is developed with the purpose of popularizating this place with the methods of Informational Technologies.
The page is developed by Georgi Markov - Student from PMG "St.Kliment Ohridski" under the guidance of engineer Galina Peneva.

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