3 km southern from “Kirindjika” and 1.5 km eastern from the village Kutlovitsa  the rock sanctuary, which is mostly in south on the river Taban is registered (sample  1, 25, 26). On the right shore of the dry river valley an impressive natural rock arch bridge) is rising with a hole 5,5 х 2,4 m. The cap-like rock above it with sizes around 18 х 8 m has been leveled up through cutting, where in the eastern end two bits, side by side have been carved into. The first is oval-shaped with size  0,40 х 0,28 х 0,50 m, and the second is trough-formed with size 1,40 х 1,00 х 0,60 m. At about 25 km southern from the arch there is a natural rock vesicle, which is additional finished under the form of an elliptical in view and semi-elliptical in plan alter with size 7,60 х 9,10 х 310 m. It is oriented to the east with a diversion of about 12° to the north. Like the other sanctuaries here in the foot of the rocks Thracian and antique ceramics has been also found, but unlike “Badjaliata” and “Kirindjika” the fragments are not many and it lacks of a deep cultural horizon.